Word-of-mouth marketing is nothing more than others “spreading the word” about you and your company. It’s a completely spontaneous response to a feeling or thought that always leads to an action. People like sharing (just look at social media) and people like helping others out – especially friends and family.  People will trust recommendations from others, especially ones they respect and admire, over ads or content coming directly from a company. Today’s consumers make decisions based on what their friends and family have recommended.  They are also largely blocking most forms of advertising and are becoming almost blind to traditional marketing techniques. The problem is that not everyone remembers everything all the time… They might have to be reminded that you are still out there.
Remember that referrals from customers are one of the most valuable tools you possess in the growth of your business. It should be the one thing that you consistently pursue throughout your customer relationship journey. Never stop reminding your customers that they are your customers and they will reward you with a never-ending stream of new clients knocking at your door.
 Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. At its basic form marketing is nothing more than attracting potential customers and getting them to recall your brand at just the right time.

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