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Kevin Dunn, Marketing Coordinator

Kevin has literally been involved in all facets of the professional painting industry for over 28 years now… He has experience with some of the leading painting companies in the Atlanta area, both in sales and management. As an entrepreneur he has started several successful painting companies of his own and has mentored other contractors who were just starting out. He was recruited by Home Depot  as one of only three painting experts nationally to help form their online social media presence and brand marketing program. It was there that he developed the marketing skills and knowledge necessary for companies to stay competitive in an ever-changing online marketplace. 

Marketing for Pros (M4Pros) is a direct result and product of all of his experience and knowledge acquired in the painting and home improvement market. Helping others to succeed in their own businesses and watching them grow is what motivates him every day. 

   I know what it’s like to build a home improvement company from the ground up… In the beginning most of your time is spent doing the actual labor and not much is left over for anything else. Eventually you persevere and achieve several milestones – resulting in something that starts to resemble an actual company. Then you start to notice all those other companies that seem to be miles ahead of you in their success. Suddenly you realize that both of you are competing for the same customers. It’s usually at this point that you start seriously thinking about marketing and how to reach those customers before they do.

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. At its basic form marketing is nothing more than attracting a potential customer and getting them to recall your brand at just the right time. The big guys mass produce their marketing efforts and throw lots of money towards exposure. And like using a big net in fishing they hope to catch a few “good ones”.

The secret to competing with the big guys is as simple as staying in touch with the customers you already have on a regular basis. And when the time comes for them to recall or recommend a company –  you will have the advantage.

But, let’s be honest… You’re so invested in your company’s success that taking the time to do something as simple as sending your customers an email is nothing more than a post-it note somewhere on your office wall. That’s why you need a partner that is as invested in your success as you are.

We will take care of all that emailing stuff and let you do what you’re great at – keeping your customers satisfied and happy. Because all the emailing in the world won’t matter a bit if the customer doesn’t want to hear from you. That’s why one of the first things we do is send a Thank You email as soon as you have completed the job. This gives your happy customer the ability to say “yes” to receiving regular emails from you and thus entering the stream. Steady emails filled with great content that promote your brand built in will make it easy for them to remember you.  

Kevin Dunn, Marketing Coordinator M4Pros

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